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Advanced Search & Seizure

Advanced Search & Seizure Course


Advanced Search & Seizure

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This is the flagship Blue to Gold Course.  This course is designed for experienced law enforcement officers who already possess a background knowledge and functional experience in search and seizure law.  The instruction is advanced and fast-paced and uses case studies to explain the development and the current status of the legal aspects of searches and seizures.

Topics Covered

We reinforce the following eight concepts:

  1. The legal developments in the two types of searches since the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Jones

  2. The legal developments in the increased protection being afforded to curtilage

  3. The complex legal aspects of making traffic stops to conduct drug distribution investigations

  4. The legal developments in searches incident to arrest

  5. Mastering the concept of consent searches, including apparent authority

  6. Conducting searches and seizures of digital storage devices

  7. Developments in obtaining cell site location information and pinging cellphone location

  8. Applying proper “decision sequencing” so that evidence is not suppressed.

We then move into these advanced eight topics:

  1. Laws regarding protests

  2. Conduct during citizen video recordings

  3. Warrantless entries into homes and businesses

  4. Warrantless searches of vehicles

  5. Interview and interrogation laws

  6. Dealing with constitutionalists

  7. Search incident to arrest

  8. And much more.

Training Outcome

The course provides 8 or 16 hours of instruction.  This course is only offered as live face-to-face classroom instruction.  Students receive a completion certificate and the latest edition of the Search & Seizure Survival Guide

Search & Seizure Survival Guide

All students receive the extremely popular and useful Search & Seizure Survival Guide. This field guide was designed from the ground up for police officers. It provides guidance on almost every imaginable search and seizure scenario, including advice on how to articulate the necessary legal doctrines in police reports. 

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This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and provides a refresher on many of the legal aspects of the use of force.

Completion Certificate Included.


This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and provides a refresher on the legal aspects of electronic surveillance.

Completion Certificate Included.


This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and provides a refresher on the law of interrogations and interviews.

Completion Certificate Included.