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Resume Collection

We are collecting resumes from licensed attorneys interested in training police officers around the nation in search and seizure. Requirements include:

  • You must be a licensed attorney in any state.

  • You must be PRO POLICE! We proudly back the badge.

  • You must be an energetic instructor. Our clients are busy officers who don’t want boring legal training. They want passionate instructors who know how to keep them interested in search and seizure law.

  • Must be willing to travel.

  • Ideal candidates have experience as a prosecutor. Attorneys with prior experience as a defense attorney will be considered if they are pro-police.

  • Candidates can “moonlight” for Blue to Gold while working elsewhere.

  • If you want part-time position, we will work with your current job.

We have filled our open position. If you’re interested in an open position in the future, please send us an email.

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