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Search and Seizure Survival Guide (Bulk)

Search and Seizure Survival Guide (Bulk)

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Best Selling Search & Seizure Book. Used by over 750 police agencies.

As a law enforcement officer, you must be able to articulate hundreds of important search and seizure doctrines. Especially in this day and age where the public and courts are increasingly scrutinizing your encounters with the public. This book will become a valuable partner whether you’re looking for legal guidance in the field or back at the station and need help writing a police report founded directly in case law.

Topics Covered:

  • Private Citizens & Agents

  • Two Types of Searches

  • De Facto Arrests

  • Unprovoked Flight

  • Being Filmed or Recorded

  • When to ‘Unarrest’ Suspect

  • AND A LOT MORE... Over 160 principles covered!

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