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K9s, Cops, and Curtilage

K9s, Cops, and Curtilage


K9s, Cops, and Curtilage

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Since the fundamental definition of a Fourth Amendment search was drastically modified in the Supreme Court decision in United States v Jones in January 2012, there have been numerous follow-on decisions that have significantly changed the legal requirements for conducting criminal investigations on or near residential property. This advanced course covers all of these decisions and explains the legal issues presented by these decisions.

Topics include:

  • The added Fourth Amendment significance to curtilage after United States v Jones

  • The impact of Florida v Jardines and other cases on the use of K9s to detect the presence of evidence on residential property

  • The extension of Kyllo v United States to the use of K9s on residential property

  • The legal requirements and limitations for “knock and talk” encounters

This half-day course includes a copy of the latest edition of the Search & Seizure Survival Guide.  Group enrollments are available at discounted rates.


All students receive the extremely popular and useful Search & Seizure Survival Guide. This field guide was designed from the ground up for police officers. It provides guidance on almost every imaginable search and seizure scenario, including advice on how to articulate the necessary legal doctrines in police reports. 

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This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and provides a refresher on the law of interrogations and interviews.

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This course takes approximately 6 hours to complete and provides both a refresher and an update on search and seizure law.

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This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and provides a refresher on many of the legal aspects of the use of force.

Completion Certificate Included.