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Use of Force

Use of Force


Advanced Legal Aspects of the Use of Force

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An advanced course using case studies to explain the history and development of the legal aspects of the use of force including current trends.  This course is designed for experienced law enforcement officers who already possess a significant background knowledge on the legal aspects of the use of force. 

Topics include:

  • The historical development of the law regarding use of force by law enforcement officers

  • The significance of Graham v Connor in civil liability cases under 42 USC 1983

  • Case studies providing examples permissible v impermissible use of non-lethal force

  • Case studies regarding the legal aspects of the use of “intermediate force”

  • Case studies demonstrating the development of the legal aspects of deadly force

  • The emerging trends regarding the “reasonable officer” standard

  • The role of use of force policy

The tuition includes the latest edition of the Search & Seizure Survival Guide.  Group enrollments are available at discounted rates.


All students receive the extremely popular and useful Search & Seizure Survival Guide. This field guide was designed from the ground up for police officers. It provides guidance on almost every imaginable search and seizure scenario, including advice on how to articulate the necessary legal doctrines in police reports. 

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This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and provides a refresher on the law of interrogations and interviews.

Completion Certificate Included.


This course takes approximately 6 hours to complete and provides both a refresher and an update on search and seizure law.

Completion Certificate Included.


This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and provides a refresher on the legal aspects of electronic surveillance.

Completion Certificate Included.